32 G/A Cole Palmer has broken a huge record set by Chelsea icon

Cole Palmer’s first half header has given Chelsea the lead in this game against Brighton, and may well end up giving them the three points.

It takes the attacker to a preposterous 32 combined goals and assists for the season. That is incredible, especially when you consider how poor Chelsea have been as a team, and when you consider it’s essentially his first season as a regular.

It also brings him to a very significant mark – it means that he’s beaten Eden Hazard’s high water mark of 31 goal contributions in a season. That is something that’s pretty hard to wrap your head around, and is a true marker of just how incredibly well Palmer is doing.

What’s even more amazing is that there’s another game coming up this Sunday for him to extend his lead. Bournemouth will be on the beach and Chelsea as motivated as ever to pick up more points and try to sneak into the Europa League. An assist at the very least is very much on the cards.

The very top tier of name to be compared with

Hazard was a phenomenon, and his brand of magic was unlike anything we’ve seen at Stamford Bridge before or since. But for all his brilliance, he didn’t always turn his incredible performances into numbers, while Palmer just seems to be a magnet for goals and assists.

Will this red hot form slow down? Or are we genuinely going to be looking at Palmer among the best players of his generation before long? If he keeps up this ridiculous rate of contributions, we will have no other choice. It reminds us a little of when Harry Kane had his breakout year. Nobody could quite believe he was THAT good, and he had to do it a couple of seasons running before we all begrudgingly accepted that he was, unfortunately.

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