“Ask the club” – Frustrated Pochettino slams “stupid rumours” and calls for clarity from decision makers

The time gap between last night’s match against Spurs and Sunday’s game against West Ham is so small that Mauricio Pochettino did his press conference in two parts, the second part of which has just had its embargo lifted.

It had been a rather emotional evening as he got an important win against his old team, but then revealed in his on-pitch interview with Sky that he clearly has no idea whether he will still be manager next season. There were a few questions about that in the second part of the presser which brought some more interesting answers.

Frustration growing

The frustration about the speculation over his future which was clear in the on-pitch interview spilled over again here. The coach rightly pointed out that it was hard to work while his job was being questioned week in, week out, and here he lashed out again.

“If I have one more year on my contract here and no one says anything, then I suppose that I am going to be here,” said Pochettino.

“If there’s a decision and someone says to me ‘ciao’, okay. But because we don’t know at the moment, then I suppose that I will be here.

“But enough of these stupid rumours. You need to ask the club, whether the club wants me to keep going or not. And stop writing things that make no sense.”

Knowing he’s in a position of some strength after a big win has made him a little bolder it seems. And while this lashing out is aimed at the journalists, the fact he tells them to “ask the club” clearly sends a message to those upstairs that they need to protect him a little more, or even better, make it clear that he’s the man, for their own sake and his.

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