‘Bigger voice’ – Mauricio Pochettino will outline demands in Chelsea review meeting

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino will reportedly outline his demands in a Chelsea review meeting that is coming up next week soon after the season ends.

Nobody really seems to know the future of the Argentine boss and what will happen this summer. It wasn’t long ago when Chelsea fans were pretty much unanimously wanting Pochettino to be sacked at the club. But now, after a run of four wins in a row, it looks like the general consensus has turned on the Blues boss, with the majority of fans seemingly being happy to let him stay in charge now for next season.

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However, it isn’t up to Chelsea fans what happens, it will be up to the man himself, and the Chelsea board, who will all be looking to make a big decision very soon.

London World’s Rahman Osman has the latest on it. He says: “The feeling within Pochettino’s camp is that he’ll want to continue at Chelsea next season but he wants to have a bigger voice on transfers. The season review will happen a few days after Bournemouth. Both club and manager will speak and then make a final decision.”

Pochettino’s demands

So it sounds like the main man will be looking to make more demands in the transfer market if he is to stay at the club, and if he doesn’t get that, perhaps it means the two parties will go their separate ways this summer.

It’s unclear whether Chelsea will fold over and allow Pochettino to have more of a say in the transfer market, but it also seems pretty clear that one of the things he would want to happen is for the club to keep midfielder Conor Gallagher, and right now, that doesn’t even look like it is going to happen with no sign of a new deal.


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