“Bored at home using social media” – Mauricio Pochettino rants at Chelsea fans

Chelsea boss has fired back at Blues fan who have been criticising him recently saying that they are just bored at home using social media.

The Argentine says he feels disrespected by some of the comments received and aimed at him via social media during his time as Chelsea boss, in a bit of a rant this week.

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Pochettino is preparing to face his former club Tottenham tonight and he was in front of the cameras yesterday afternoon for his pre-match press conference. The quotes were circulating yesterday, and then as always, there was an embargoed section released later on in the evening – this is where you can find his snap backs to Chelsea fans which by the way, I never believe is a good idea for a manager to do, it’s never a smart move.

Pochettino says that the criticism only comes from those on social media, but in this day and age, many fans on social media are also the fans you will come across in the stadiums. The pressure he is under right now and the disconnection he already has with many Blues fans, it’s far from wise to keep trying to drive that wedge between them as he always seems to do with patronising comments and trying to argue back all the time.

Let your coaching do the talking, win games, and that will shut them up if that is what you want to do.

In comments picked up by The Guardian, Pochettino Pochettino scoffed at suggestions that his coaching team’s training methods were the cause of the injury problems.

“We know this business,” he said. “Too many people talk and try to blame someone and create bad feelings. I think after 15 years we have the knowledge and experience to deal with it. We are a group working with the performance area and medical staff – we decide together. We have arrived from a different club, not from Mars, to manage footballers. It is disrespectful and from people bored at home using social media.”

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