Chelsea appoint another Brighton suit to their scouting and recruitment team

Sam Jewell has started work as Chelsea’s director of global recruitment today after finishing a period of “gardening leave” after departing a similar role at Brighton in a similar role.

Training Ground Guru specialise in this sort of thing – coaches and scouts and other staff members moving around, and they’re the first to have this report. They say that Jewell has finally been able to start work for Chelsea today (although let’s face it, there’s plenty he is likely to have been doing behind the scenes before he’s given his email login and his staff induction).

Way back in February we reported that Jewell had agreed to join us, another Brighton suit we’ve decided is essential to our project. He can now join Laurence Stewart, Paul Winstanley and Joe Shields at the top of our recruitment pyramid. Who reports to whom? Don’t ask us. We’re not even sure they know at this point.

Jewell will be “Director of Global Recruitment.” Shields is “Co-Director of Recruitment and Talent.” The report to the Co-Sporting Directors Stewart and Winstanley. There’s more directors than the Oscars!

Chelsea directors Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart doing an interview for Chelsea

Another important piece of the jigsaw, or another cook to spoil the broth further?

The reorganisation of Chelsea’s scouting and recruitment departments has been an ongoing process ever since Clearlake took over. One would hope it was almost over by now, but instead new faces seem to keep being added every few months.

We’re not really clear on how the structure works – it begins with two directors of football and only gets more confusing from there. Various people have been shuffled around, and big name Christopher Vivell was dumped after just a few months.

All of this confusion can’t be helpful – let’s hope this is the last addition for a while. And let’s hope Jewell is bringing some of Brighton’s top information with him.

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