Chelsea could be left stranded if Pochettino walks away to make stunning cross-Premier League move

Mauricio Pochettino’s future at Chelsea is poised in an incredibly delicate way.

We genuinely can’t remember having a coach whose chances of continuing have seemed to see-saw for such an extended period. The last few days alone have seen us swing from “definitely staying” to “definitely leaving” and back again, several times.

There’s plenty of evidence either way, and we’re all totally in the dark on when this infamous review will be and what the outcome is likely to be. Pochettino himself has implied he’s leaving and implied he’s staying at different moments in recent press conferences. We’re not sure even he knows.

A stunning cross-Premier League move

One interesting thing that has started to happen this morning is Pochettino being suggested in connection with other jobs – namely the one at Manchester United in this case. Strong links from the Red Devils could really change the equation here.

Pochettino’s veiled threats in a press conference two weeks ago about walking away from the Chelsea job didn’t ring very true, and even now it’s hard to see him jumping without being pushed. But if Manchester United are keen on him and make him an offer to replace Erik Ten Hag, we could suddenly see a previously impossible looking switch happening.

Pochettino may have simply grown tired of the politics at Chelsea, and if the Blues were already thinking about replacing him and can now shift him and his staff without a payoff, they might be happy to go along with it.

It would be a truly remarkable switch, but given how tense and unclear the situation at Stamford Bridge is right now, we certainly can’t rule it out.

Fabrizio Romano’s Daily Briefing assures us that Pochettino is still happy at Chelsea – but also notes United’s interest growing as long as his future isn’t resolved.

It’s time to decide, one way or the other.

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