Chelsea fans are all screaming the same thing after watching their talent ball out against PSG

Chelsea loanee Ian Maatsen is balling out for Borussia Dortmund in a Champions League semi final against PSG right now, and every Chelsea fan on social media is saying the same thing – why on earth are we trying to sell him?

This isn’t a freak incident either. He’s been excellent ever since joining Dortmund in January. He couldn’t get on the pitch for a Chelsea team struggling in mid table, yet looks one of the best players in a game involving Kylian Mbappe and all the rest.

After all those years working his way through the academy and grinding on loan, Maatsen simply wasn’t given a fair chance. And if Fabrizio Romano and others are to be believed, he still won’t get one. The plan is to sell him this summer, and given how he’s been treated, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s not interested in coming back either.

A major mistake – or two

We’ve been over all this before, but the fact that he’s playing in a game of tonight’s magnitude really brings it into perfect focus.

He showed great ability on loan last season. He then did really well in preseason. We had a whole stage of the season where we had not only our first choice left back but also our second choice left back out injured. Yet Maatsen did not get even a sniff of action.

Forget the blame on the sporting directors (who accepted a Burnley bid for him in August), Mauricio Pochettino has to take a fair chunk of it for not seeing the ability that was right there staring him in the face. Yes it’s likely the formation would have had to be tweaked to accommodate Maatsen’s size – but don’t tell us he’s any more of a defensively flawed player than Marc Cucurella.


  1. I will always maintain that Posh is an average coach; in fact a rubbish coach. All he is concern about defenders is their size and not what they could do with the ball. With all is preference for size over abilities, Chelsea still licks in goals so much!
    I can’t wait to see Posh bei g sacked. So we can go for a coach with winning mentality.

  2. The manager doesn’t trust him . He should be playing for Chelsea FC . As a wingback left back or a winger . Or left sided central midfield . He is a pedigree graduate from the academy . Why coaches nor managers are blind . Look how he plays weekend week out regularly and he improves . Borussia Dortmund has a good manager coach . And a good owner who loves his team and has a brain to run his club and successful in the pitch .

  3. Team scouts and marketing agents should stop misleading the administration by pointing on all time bed ridden players he making all blame on the coach and poch should know the role of players by not loaning and remain with non performers.

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