Chelsea “intentions are to sell” £300k a week winger who wants to stay – conflict could be incoming

Raheem Sterling’s future is increasingly a major question mark after a season which has gradually seen him fall from favour.

He’s still ended up with plenty of appearances, and a handful of goals and assists. But that has largely been down to a lack of alternatives for the manager to choose from.

If Christopher Nkunku had been fit all season we likely would have seen far fewer appearances for the England man, who is now coming to a crossroads in his Chelsea career.

As Simon  Phillips explains in his exclusive column on his Substack today, Sterlling could be at the centre of increasing speculation. He says Chelsea will be “actively looking to sell” this summer, despite his intentions being to stay at the club.

Sterling however “is starting to accept that he might need to leave Chelsea if he wants to play regular football,” which could eventually force his hand. But he’s “not given up” on playing for England is “London is his ideal spot.”

Raheem Sterling celebrates a late goal against Nottingham Forest.

Sterling can’t stay and play unless things change

Sterling is in quite the bind then, it seems. The evidence of recent months is that Pochettino is really moving away from him. It was great to see him pop up with am important goal at the weekend, but in the games before that it was very clear that Mykhailo Mudryk, for all his flaws, was Pochettino’s favoured option on the left.

It’s a problem for Chelsea, who are paying Sterling €300,000 a week according to most reports, and it’s a problem for Sterling

As Phillips says, his ideal situation is to stay in London and play regularly, but those two things might not be possible. Interest from Saudi Arabia and Turkey might have to be taken seriously by the winger if he’s not willing to be just a bench option for us going forward.

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  1. If I was like Sterling I am staying put. I have signed a very lucrative contract for 5 years and I am 2 years in ..Why would I want to leave and He has a young family.. Chelsea wants him off their books, it is going to cost them big..Poch has come under pressure and to please his handlers , He sacrificed Sterling for Murdryk who can’t tie Sterling’s shoe lace. He is a bag of potential, but fast and foolish at this point.. Sterling stay put..The squad is improving and your quality will show with a better bunch of players or an improved bunch of players..

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