Chelsea no longer “frontrunners” in attempts to sign £60m former Premier League regular

Chelsea continue to be linked with Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale, who looks likely to leave the Gunners this summer.

A report in the Evening Standard today claims that Arsenal are already succession planning for the former Bournemouth keeper’s departure, with Newcastle joining Chelsea in investigating the conditions necessary to sign him.

Newcastle have Nick Pope in place already, but are named as “frontrunners” to sign Ramsdale, a sure sign that Chelsea have dropped down in the rankings. Perhaps that should be no surprise. As recently as 6 months ago, we were hearing that Arsenal would want £60m in any deal, a totally unrealistic demand for a player they themselves have benched. Since then, the Chelsea links have gone very quiet.

At this point we’d be shocked to see Arsenal get more than £40m at best, and even that is well beyond what Chelsea are likely willing to pay. What could swing a deal might be a “try before you buy” style loan with a purchase option, given Ramsdale still has plenty of contract left to run.

A position that needs filling – but better candidates available?

There is no question that despite some moderate success from Djordje Petrovic, a world class goalkeeper is something Chelsea fans are keen to see purchased at some point soon. But those same fans probably wouldn’t want Ramsdale to be that man.

Having spent decent money on both Petrovic and Robert Sanchez last summer, it would seem entirely pointless to once again buy a stopper who isn’t exceptional. If he was, Arsenal wouldn’t have dumped him as part of their progression towards becoming true title contenders.

Petrovic and Sanchez are good enough that we can survive for another season with them, especially playing behind a hopefully improved defence. We’d rather upgrade in other positions then revisit the keeper situation in a year’s time when we’ve got more funds to secure someone truly top class.

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