Chelsea reportedly want long-term manager but are appointing their sixth in two years

Chelsea are about to hire their sixth head coach in the two years that the new owners have been at the club, but apparently claims are made that they want a ‘long-term’ manager.

Laughable? Yes, absolutely.

Sources: Two sources report Chelsea interest in manager name who hasn’t been reported yet! 

Since the new ownership took charge of the club they have had Thomas Tuchel, Graham Potter, Bruno Salter (interim), Frank Lampard (interim), and Mauricio Pochettino take the reigns as their head coach. And now, after Pochettino left earlier this week, the owners are due to appoint the SIXTH manager since they have been at the club. Albeit they didn’t appoint Tuchel as he was already there, but still, it’s the sixth manager since they started their tenure at the Stamford Bridge club, and that is absolutely MADNESS, there are no two ways about it.

Which is why this latest report from The Evening Standard is laughable. Apparently Chelsea want a long-term manager! Pretty sure they said that for Potter and Pochettino too before their appointments!

What does the report highlight?

They claim that Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna has given Chelsea the green light to join them as their next head coach. He is understood to be keen on the job.

The report goes on to say that McKenna embodies the blueprint of a coach that Chelsea’s hierarchy want to lead the Blues forward. The club is determined to bring in a young, talented head coach who can grow with the club and develop a lengthy career.

Discourse amongst the fan base

IF they appoint McKenna and things do not work out and they end up sacking yet another manager, the fan discourse will be like never before. It’s already really bad amongst Chelsea fans with many of them disliking the ownership and how they are operating, but it will get SO much worse if this next appointment fails again.


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  1. It has to be said that the same fanbase that is now sour over Poch’s sacking are the same hysterical lot who wanted his head barely a month ago, lol! Now they whine and moan about his exit without a hint of irony! It’s a fickle, fickle crowd (Simon Phillips included!) and the owners are insane if they try to please them in the short run. In the long run, the only way to mollify the loud, often idiotic lynch mob is to win trophies, but the fanbase will put the club through all sorts of hell in the meantime—especially since they’ve made up their mind that the American ownership make for cheap targets.

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