Chelsea send ‘lucrative offer’ to bring back former manager in surprising news

Chelsea have reportedly sent a lucrative offer to bring back one of their former managers to the club, and it isn’t Jose Mourinho or Thomas Tuchel!

The Blues have been linked with a host of potential new managers as the season winds down, some of them have been at the club previously.

Sources: Chelsea’s list of Thiago Silva replacements revealed! 👀

One of them is Antonio Conte, who had great moments and bad moments at the club, and didn’t exactly leave on good terms come the end.

But Chelsea are under new ownership now, so has all the bad blood gone enough for Conte to be accepted back at Chelsea, and would the new owners even want him back?

Well, yes, they would. That is at least according to a report in Italy this afternoon.

Chelsea have reportedly sent in a lucrative offer to Conte to try and convince him to replace Mauricio Pochettino, if he is sacked at the end if the season.

La Repubblica details how Chelsea are seriously interested in bringing Conte back to West London for a second spell and have been in close contact in recent days, proposing a lucrative offer to try and convince him of the move.

It seems like a very far fetched report to me and personally I don’t believe it to have any substance. Obviously you can never say never, but Chelsea going down this route would be madness and spell trouble.

Conte is not the kind of manager who would be a ‘yes man’ like Pochettino is, and he wouldn’t just sit there and be content with not getting the players he has asked for like Pochettino seemingly is.

It would cause problems, drama, and more toxicity, and this is a club that can do without all of that right now with all the issues they have faced under the new ownership.

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