Chelsea set to vote in favour of keeping VAR at Premier League AGM next month

Premier League clubs will meet on June 6th to vote for or against scrapping VAR with Chelsea set to vote in favour of keeping it, according to reports.

For VAR to be scrapped a two thirds majority vote is required, so 14 of the 20 clubs in the league would need to vote against it.

Wolves proposed a motion to scrap VAR stating it’s “eroding trust” and fuelling “completely nonsensical allegations of corruption.”

Chelsea set to vote in favour of VAR

VAR has caused numerous problems since it’s inception into the game, with a number of high profile mistakes made last season, which in turn has cost several teams dearly.

From a fans point of view you can see how it’s made the viewing experience worse, with long waits and a total lack of communication about what is going on, not to mention you can’t fully enjoy celebrating a goal incase it gets ruled out.

It would appear unlikely the notion put forward by Wolves would receive 14 votes and GIVEMESPORT have reported how Chelsea intend to vote at the AGM.

Chelsea were unhappy VAR ruled out Axel Disasi’s late winner against Aston Villa.

The report states GIVEMSPORT believe the notion to scrap VAR won’t pass and that several of the traditional “big six” Premier League clubs plan on voting against it.

It’s believed Chelsea along with Arsenal and Liverpool want to stick with VAR.

VAR should be the least of Chelsea’s worries given they are currently looking a for a new manager, who should be in place by the time the clubs meet to vote.

Chelsea had a last minute Villa contentiously ruled out against Villa towards the end of the season which cost them two points and a potential top five finish.

It’s clear the technology is good, but the way it’s operated and the people in charge of it needs to improve hugely, as we can’t head into another season with every weekend dominated by talking about VAR decisions.

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  1. If you take a look at the full VAR review released by the governing body the number of calls that, in retrospect, VAR got wrong across the whole season was only 31 (a year-over-year improvement). Bottom line is there will always be contention around close calls but VAR is actively addressing the worst on-field errors and is gradually improving. It’s demonstrably improving the quality/accuracy of calls and would be stupid to scrap it.

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