Chelsea want a “cheap” manager who is a “Graham Potter type appointment” according to Sky report

Gary Cotterill has been dispatched by Sky Sports to stand in the rain outside Stamford Bridge today and talk about Chelsea’s hunt for a new coach after Mauricio Pochettino was sacked yesterday.

His thoughts couldn’t have been more disheartening. He pointed out that a priority for Chelsea is getting someone “cheap” as they’ve spent so much, including on the payoffs for Pochettino and his staff.

He adds that the club also want someone who is happy to be a head coach without much input on anything other than the coaching. “A Graham Potter type appointment” Cotterill suggested.

Well isn’t that just what fans are desperate to hear. What could be more promising than chucking away all the progress made in a year and then focusing on bargain options who won’t put up a fight when this circus clown show of owners and sporting directors tell them their bad ideas.

You can see his take in the clip embedded here:

Speed is not going to help

Cotterill also stresses that as well as a cheap appointment, Chelsea want a quick appointment. That’s natural. That’s what every club looks for when picking someone new. But it’s not always that easy, and in fact if you want to choose

Then again, the last time around they spent months interviewing candidates and ended up with Mauricio Pochettino, only to decide a year later that he wasn’t a “strategic fit,” with their ideas anyway. So perhaps they may as well move quickly. They’ve proven to be desperately poor at picking coaches, so we supposed the faster they get someone in the faster they can get them out again.

Let’s face it, if there were cheap, dynamic, talented young coaches on the market right now, you wouldn’t have clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester United stuck in a jam over their future.

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