Chelsea’s new manager search has been painstaking and exhausting with 17-hour days

They’ve done it again, the media have described Chelsea’s hunt for a new manager as an ‘exhaustive search’ just as they did about a year ago now before the club hired Mauricio Pochettino.

Lets hope I’m not sat here in a year’s time writing exactly the same thing after Chelsea sack Enzo Maresca and are then once again in another ‘exhaustive search’ to find another new manager, just as they are now after Pochettino left the club.

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It’s all rather comical, and of course I truly hope that we aren’t there again this time next year, but sometimes all you can do is laugh.

There is no doubt that Chelsea are taking a HUGE risk hiring Maresca though, IF that is what they decide to do. It’s not yet a done deal at the time of writing this even though every media outlet is now reporting that they expect this to happen now. It’s never done until a club announces it.

But all the articles, briefings and PR reports are coming out now backing Maresca, so you’d suggest on Chelsea’s side it’s all done as they try and spin some positives on the appointment through the media.

And there is a pretty positive report coming out of The Daily Mail last night, the ones who mentioned it being an ‘exhaustive search’ again.

17-hour shifts


The report claims that co-sporting directors Paul Winstanley and Lawrence Stewart have led an exhaustive search, alongside the club’s analytics department, for the next Chelsea head coach – each working 17-hour days ever since Mauricio Pochettino departed by mutual agreement on Tuesday last week.

Apparently, Chelsea co-owner Behdad Eghbali, did not want to leave London for Los Angeles until the painstaking process for Chelsea’s new head coach had been seen through.

Painstaking and exhaustive hey? Let’s hope they’ve got it right this time then!


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  1. Chelsea should bring uniao Emery as a coach,im confident with current Aston villa manager.

  2. Oh c’mon, Simon, you never backed Poch anyway! You can’t sit there and act like this has been painful for you or as if you think the club leadership were wrong for letting Poch go because you consistently questioned the job he’d done right up until the last. So now you call hiring Maresca a “HUGE” risk, but you haven’t named a single plausible alternative, lol! Who is YOUR sure-fire candidate that the hierarchy have somehow overlooked? Or did you think they should have kept Poch and just forgot to write the article singing his praises all season long? If you’re going to sit in judgment of these decisions at least have the intellectual honesty to make a case for who we should be hiring instead of Maresca.

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