Chelsea’s legendary manager says he still lives “two minutes” from club and hears his name

One of Chelsea’s legendary manager’s says that he still lives two minutes away from Stamford Bridge and can hear the fans signing his name at games.

Of course, when speaking about Chelsea’s legendary managers, there is only one that will come to the top of everyone’s minds, and that is the special one, Jose Mourinho.

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The Portuguese coach enjoyed the most successful time Chelsea have ever had when he was the manager in his first stint at the club, and for that, he became a club legend and ended up being adored by the fans for life.

Recently things have been bad at Chelsea, with managers coming and going. More often than not, when things are like this, you will hear them chant Mourinho’s name at Stamford Bridge, and guess what? He hears it!

Incredibly, Mourinho has admitted that he still has a house in London, just two minutes from Chelsea’s home stadium, and he says that he hears the games, the chats, the groans, and the discontent.

Moruinho, who is currently out of a job and has actually been linked with another return to Chelsea, says he stopped going to Chelsea games when fans started singing his name at Stamford Bridge. The 61-year-old also balked at the notion of joining Benfica.

When asked about Villas-Boas’ new Porto role and if that would make him more likely to become Benfica’s manager, he told Portuguese publication A Bola: “Don’t ask me questions like that… I’m not in football driven by those feelings. Don’t ask me questions about clubs that have a coach. I have always remained apart from any unethical behaviour. Questions like these often ruin my weekend. In London, I live two minutes from Chelsea’s stadium, from my house you can hear the goals and people’s demonstrations. The day the stadium started singing my name, I stopped going to football. I have to go to other stadiums. It takes 20/30 minutes from my house to Luz. I went to two or three games. They started asking questions like that and I’m not going anymore. They screwed my life up with those questions.”

On his future managerial goals, he added: “I have no projects. What happens will happen. The weight of my story is heavy. I know that even when I coach teams that aren’t cut out to win, people expect me to always win. In the last two years I reached two European finals. I want to train, it is a fundamental part of my life, without training there is no happiness. Where? In any club that has a good training centre to train well. I didn’t have any invitation from a Portuguese club.”

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