Claims that drones will fly over Stamford Bridge this week for some sort of filming

With all the noise of a new manager soon to be arriving at Chelsea right now, it’s quite nice to see a report that isn’t about the manager search!

Although, maybe it could be connected? Read on to see why!

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Basically, a claim has been made by a local resident that drones are going to be flying over Chelsea’s stadium Stamford Bridge this week, potentially for some sort of filming.

The person in question says that according to an air traffic warning, a swarm of 60 UAVs will fly over Chelsea’s football stadium at Stamford Bridge between 1am tomorrow morning (28th May) and 6pm on 30th May 2024. Likely to be overnight for filming something with a long window to allow for weather issues.

It certainly sounds very intriguing, and it does make you wonder if it is going to be some fancy announcement thing for the new manager? I’m speculating there of course and probably getting completely ahead of myself and clutching at straws, but stranger things have happened.

It could be a number of things

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It might be something to do with marketing and sponsorship, maybe another film that Todd Boehly’s other companies are involved with is going to be advertised or something along those lines.

It might also be for some other Chelsea related content that is coming up, some sort of kit launch, sponsorship announcement, or maybe even the unveiling of a brand new player! It’s fun to speculate, but I guess we will just need to wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, the speculation and rumours continue surrounding who this new head coach might be, with a number of names still up for apparent consideration. Blues fans will just be hoping that they know who the new man is as soon as possible now.

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