Deal for “generational talent” could be done “in next days” according to thrilling Romano update

Fabrizio Romano is leading the charge on reporting the heavy Chelsea interest in Estevao Willian, and that means almost daily updates (sometimes multi-daily) on the move.

The latest chatter from him comes this evening, and it’s exclusively used to emphasise how close the deal is to being done. Having earlier claimed that personal terms are agreed with the player, he tonight added that Chelsea want the deal with Palmeiras done “as soon as possible” to “avoid any surprise,” IE, bids from rivals.

He says the Blues consider Willian a “generational talent” and understandably don’t want to risk any interference. Getting everything signed off with his club before anyone else can get into gear is vital, and they’re obviously willing to pay more to ensure it’s sealed fast. There’s talk of €60m or more being offered for the 17 year old, when all is said and done.

Too late for regrets

It doesn’t seem like there’s going to be much room to debate whether or not this is a good idea, what the consequences might be, and whether or not Chelsea will regret it. It’s happening, and the best thing you can do is just get excited about it.

This is, as Romano writes, a player Chelsea consider a “generational talent”, and when one of those comes along, you throw everything out of the window and do whatever it takes to sign them. But that means you’re putting a huge amount of faith in your scouting to identify what a talent of that level is. If they get it wrong, it’s a move which could set us back a long time given the financial situation we’re already in and given the sacrifices that are likely going to have to be made to reshuffle things to get him in.

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