Exclusive from insider claims “concrete” Chelsea – Tuchel links, with another Premier League side interested

Sky Sports Germany reporter Florian Plettenberg is reporting that Thomas Tuchel won’t be staying at Bayern Munich. The coach will either take a break this summer and wait to see what opportunities come up next season, or he will come to the Premier League.

Plettenberg says that there are two English options that Tuchel would consider – Manchester United or Chelsea.

He describes them as “possible and concrete destinations.” The insider adds that “loose talks have started,” although it’s not clear whether that’s referring to Chelsea, Manchester United or both.

Both teams have managers in place, but both Erik Ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino have major questions marks about their future hanging in the air. The next few days will reveal a lot about each case, and it feels likely that at least one of them isn’t in charge at their current club next season.

Chelsea boss Pochettino has a long awaited season review with the owners coming up, and there are conflicting reports about whether he’s going to be kept on.


An overly hopeful fantasy

We always have to report on what Plettenberg says because he’s such a well established source who is clearly well connected in German football. That’s especially the case with Bayern Munich, and it seems he’s got good sources with Tuchel too.

But as we’ve reported before, we don’t have any confidence whatsoever that Tuchel would come back to Chelsea. He may well feel that he’s got unfinished business, but our owners took a big risk sacking him, and they’re not going to go back on that, no matter how much they might have regretted it at times, and no matter how many times Tuchel makes it clear that he would return.

There remains a big chance that Pochettino is sacked, but don’t expect it to be for Tuchel.

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