“Green light just arrived” – Fabrizio Romano delivers big done deal Chelsea news

We are now approaching the part of the football season when transfer expert Fabrizio Romano will be delivering ‘done deal’ news pretty much every day when the transfer window opens.

And he has just delivered some ‘done deal’ news that involves Chelsea this weekend.

Sources: Chelsea’s list of Thiago Silva replacements revealed! 👀

However, this is not a new signing or a player being sold, but it will certainly be relating to that part of the club.

That is because Chelsea have just made a new big hire within their recruitment department.

Fabrizio Romano reports that the green light has just arrived for former Brighton Head of Recruitment Sam Jewell to start his new job at Chelsea. Jewell was on gardening leave but it’s now all been agreed for him to start work for summer window. He’ll have senior role as part of multi-club project to select new players.

Chelsea want to buy more clubs, and it looks like Jewell will be concentrating on that part of the business.

It looks to be a decent hire for the club and Jewell has earned himself a good name within football recruitment over time.

Chelsea are expected to be pretty busy once again in the summer window, and I am sure that Jewell will be mucking in and helping out there as well until the multi-club model really gets going and Chelsea bring more clubs in. At the moment, they just have Strasbourg, but I am sure we will soon be hearing about more clubs joining the model under BlueCo, which is the name used for the network of clubs Chelsea’s owners will look to buy.

It’s a successful model already used by the likes of Manchester City’s owners with City group, and also the Red Bull Group who have Leipzig and Salzburg and are a real success story there so far.

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  1. Supported, but they must scrutinised well before buying any players not just amatured. And they will go for sharpen strikers.

  2. As the season progresses this summer. The last player they need to trade. Connor Gallagher he is the heart and soul this team and if they need to raise 60 million I suggest a trade three or four of the junk players lying around. Connor Gallagher is shown he is the heart and soul at this Chelsea team. Trade anyone else on the team I don’t care who it is. But he is the heart and soul of this team.

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