“If they let me” – Enzo Fernandez waiting to hear after making request to Chelsea

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez has made a request to Chelsea that he is awaiting to hear a reply on from the club.

Footballers want to play football and represent their countries at all moments they can, and it looks like Enzo is looking for another opportunity to represent his home land Argentina, but it could effect Chelsea.

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The Olympic games are on this summer as well as the Euros. Of course, we were pleased that players like Enzo would not be featuring at the Euros for obvious reasons, but he could still be playing this summer.

It will be frustrating for Chelsea if he does play, as he just missed the last part of the season in the Premier League due to having surgery on an injury that bothered him all season pretty much. So there will be concerns over his fitness and getting further injuries if he does go off the play this summer and remember, Chelsea have invested a lot of money int his guy so will want to protect that as much as they can.

Will Chelsea let him play?


You’d suspect that they will, because he clearly wants to play and you can understand why. Any footballer would want to represent their country whenever they can.

But according to Enzo himself, Chelsea have not yet let him know if he can go an play or not.

As reported on X, Enzo said: “I want to be in the Olympic Games. I spoke with [Javier] Mascherano and I told him that I want to go… let’s see with Chelsea if they let me go.”

Obviously I’d be concerned about his fitness or getting injured again, but we cannot wrap players in cotton wall and there will always be international games and tournaments for them to play in as well as club football.



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  1. Let him go to represent his country, may God protect him from there, without getting injury .

  2. Our midfield is better when he is gone. Talented but wrong player, at wrong club in wrong League for his talent.

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