(Image): Awkward Chelsea moment caught on camera at end of game yesterday

There was a bit of an awkward moment caught on camera yesterday at the end of Chelsea’s game against Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge.

The players, staff, and coaches had just been on the pitch at the end of the game to listen to the goodbye speech from defender Thiago Silva, who is now leaving the club after playing his final game yesterday.

Sources: Managerial merry-go-round that is likely to effect Chelsea this summer!

The Silva family are a passionate bunch and they have shown over time just how much they love Chelsea Football Club, and they have shared the emotions with all of us as fans.

Thiago’s Wife, Belle, has never been afraid to say what she thinks. And she posted earlier this season suggesting Chelsea needed to replace Mauricio Pochettino, a view that at the time was shared by many other Chelsea fans.

Well this is awkward!

The pair were spotted together after the game in what looks to be an awkward moment, as seen here…

There all adults, I am sure it was all love here. There will be an understanding that emotions are all part of the game!


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  1. Sorry, why is this awkward??? Even Belle created totally unnecessary drama with her silly posts (which have not aged well btw!). Poch has enough class for the both of them, not to mention Thiago, so what exactly is “awkward” here? This “story” is a nothingburger.

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