(Image): Big Chelsea claim shows bold move made to avoid FFP/PSR and free-spend

There has been a big claim made about Chelsea late on Sunday night and if true, means they have once again come up with a cunning plan to avoid Profit and Sustainability and Financial Fair Play rules to allow more free-spending in the transfer market.

Yesterday, there was a surprise report from journalist David Ornstein claiming Chelsea will be safe from PSR and FFP for this summer and they do not need to sell many players before the end of June to comply.

Sources: Gareth Southgate to Chelsea!?

This confused everyone, because all the talk had been that Chelsea DO have to sell before June in order to comply.

So perhaps the reason they are now safe is because they are selling Chelsea’s Cobham training ground to themselves!?

That is the claim being made this weekend, as you can see from the post and image below….

I mean, this is madness, if true, and very clever? Time will tell….

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