Investing In Chelsea Memorabilia

We take a look at Chelsea memorabilia collecting with some advice from someone who is in the game. 

When it comes to collecting memorabilia, it makes sense to collect items from your favourite club. You’re going to want to put that signed shirt, football, or photo somewhere prominently, so it’s best that it means something to you personally, that it’s your favourite player or a match or moment that means something to you.

Alongside some of the top Northern clubs, signed Chelsea memorabilia is highly collectable and has risen in value in recent years. There was an explosion of interest after the World Cup in 1966, and since then there has been not let up in the growth of football and other sports memorabilia. The best pieces always go for the highest sums, so if you have a rare piece stuffed up in the attic, it may be time to get it down and have it valued! Chelsea was founded in 1905, so it might be your grandad’s loft you need to have a search through! If you can find an old medal, a trophy or cap from year’s gone by then they are like gold dust, but rare as hen’s teeth. 

Some of the rarest items have fetched high sums. Take John Terry’s 2012 match worn boots from the Champions League final which sold for £16,000 at auction, or Frank Lampard’s from the same match which sold for £19,000! Further up the scale were Peter Osgood’s shirt from the 1970 FA cup final which sold for £40,000. Dwarfing them all, however, is the 1970 FA CUP trophy itself. The clash against Leeds ended in a two all draw, but Chelsea went on to win the cup 2:1 after the replay! The trophy sold at auction in 2017 for a mind-blowing £420,000! The best items sell for the most money, that has, and always will be the case, but you need to be careful and keep your eyes open! 

L to R: Gianfranco Zola Autograph, Fully Signed Chelsea Shirt 2000/1, Signed John Terry Boot, Signed Drogba Shirt, Signed Frank Lampard Shirt 2010. Firma Stella©

Matt Price, Operations Manager at sports memorabilia company Firma Stella has some sagely advice for collecting Chelsea Memorabilia. “Caveat emptor – or in English ‘buyer beware’! There are a lot of scam artists out there, ready to offload their dodgy gear on to you. Some are obvious because they are too cheap to be real, but others are difficult to spot. If you are going to buy from online auctions then make sure that you are getting the real deal. Check the seller’s history and if they are reputable, they will give you a signed, and preferably, holographic Certificate of Origin, or COA. Better still get a lifetime guarantee from the outfit. Needless to say, we offer both. Other than that, buy what you love and buy the best. If you can’t afford that coveted signed Raheem Sterling shirt, then buy a signed photo and work up to it. For sure, the most expensive items now signed by the top players, will be the most valuable in the future. That’s why Lampard and Terry are so collectable. So stick to the best and you’ll see your investment grow in value over the years.”

The key takeaway then is to buy the best and buy what you like, also buy from the most reputable sites. Check the feedback, the testimonials, and reviews – and keep an eye on Trustpilot. The bad players stick out like sprained ankle and the best shine like a 1970’s trophy! 

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