Journalist picks out the thing that sent Chelsea fans crazy and could still cost Pochettino his job

Liam Twomey took part in an Athletic discussion about Mauricio Pochettino’s future at Chelsea, which remains very uncertain despite a recent improvement in form.

Twomey noted that one things that had really broken relations between fans and the coach mid-season was the team’s inability to defend properly. Not just well – to just do the basics even to the level of a Championship team.

“Some of the goals Chelsea have given away have been, just really really really slopy to a degree I think they haven’t been used to in recent years.

Twomey says it has “greatly frustrated fans,” which is certainly true. He also notes that it will be something that the owners consider when judging whether to keep the coach on beyond this season.

You can hear their discussion of the situation in the clip embedded here, with this answer coming after 4 minutes:

The crime that is harder to forgive

Thinking about it, it’s probably true. The finishing and final third decision making has been incredibly frustrating too – but that’s such a long term problem that perhaps we were more prepared for it.

Even in some of these recent shaky years up front we’ve maintained a solid defence, and the fact that collapsed so dramatically this season really did seem to shake fans on a new level. You can get over your strikers missing chances more easily than your defenders giving away goals it seems.

Certainly a lot of the talk about his Tottenham connections affecting fans’ opinion seems overstated. It’s only a problem if we’re losing, and even the most tribalistic fans will accept him if he turns us into a winning machine.

In fact, what could be better than turning a much-loved Spurs coach who couldn’t win a trophy there into a serial winner at Stamford Bridge?

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