“Long chat” after yesterday’s game has some fans super excited about potential transfer update

The last game of the season is always interesting because the players stay out on the pitch with their families, and all manner of little things get noticed. Last year we had Mason Mount’s very obvious goodbye to the fans, this year we had Mauricio Pochettino vanishing down the tunnel.

Some fans noted some interesting things about Conor Gallagher, who has been expected to leave this summer. Firstly he didn’t do a Mount style farewell lap, and secondly he was seen having a “long chat” and a “big hug” with co-controlling owner Behdad Eghbali.

Of course hopeful Blues fans are hoping this is a sign that the sale of the midfielder is now off the cards.

Don’t get too excited

Of course ultimately there’s no way of knowing what was said between the two of them. For all we know, Eghbali could have been simply commiserating with Gallagher about his impending departure or explaining the situation which makes that a necessity.

The crux of the issue is Gallagher’s contract, and until there is some movement on that, a departure remains the most likely outcome. So far all reporting for the last year or more since that became a hot topic has claimed there’s no movement forward on that front, so we’re not too hopeful.

Matt Law did suggest at one point that Gallagher could continue to play into next season even without a new deal agreed – but Chelsea would so clearly rather sell him than reach that point that it feels unlikely. If they haven’t been able to come to an agreement at this point, how will another season help?

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