Matt Law suggests new “scenario” that would see Chelsea keeping fan favourite another year

Conor Gallagher’s contract stalemate rolls on. The midfielder has been one of our best players this season, but he and Chelsea can’t agree on a new deal, with just one year left on his existing agreement.

So far there have appeared to be two outcomes – either a contract finally gets agreed, or Gallagher is sold this summer. But speaking on the London is Blue podcast today, Chelsea reporter Matt Law put forward a third option:

“I wouldn’t rule out a scenario… of them not agreeing a contract and Conor staying. And that doesn’t mean Conor necessarily has to run down his contract and leave for free. I mean, it still opens the door to more negotiations at some point,” he speculated.

Another year of standoff helps nobody

We just want Conor to stay – we’re not as bothered what it takes. But we would question how this situation would come about. If Chelsea want Gallagher they can easily offer him enough money to stay. At the moment, it seems like they want him to leave because they need the money to balance the books.

If their aim is to force him out by simply not offering him a reasonable deal, they don’t stand to gain anything by keeping him around next season. If they really conclude he’s not willing to leave and go anywhere this summer, they should give up and offer him a new deal that he will accept. Him walking away for free next summer is the worst outcome for all parties.

Law is right that keeping him for another season gives both parties more time to agree a deal, but at this point it doesn’t seem like it’s a lack of time that is the issue, and another season would just mean another season of speculation like this.

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