Mauricio Pochettino suggests some Chelsea fans do not understand football

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has once again gone on the defensive and risked tarring his relationship with Blues fans even more.

In the latest set of embargoed quotes that have come out off his press conference yesterday ahead of the Tottenham game tonight, the Argentine has been patronising fans and has really gone on the defensive.

Sources: Chelsea‚Äôs list of Thiago Silva replacements revealed! ūüĎÄ

He has even suggested that some fans who have been offering critique, do not understand football in an absolutely bizarre response aimed at his own club’s supporters.

This will not go down well at all, and neither will Pochettino saying that fans who think the injury problems are caused by his training methods are just ‚Äėbored‚Äô on social media in more bizarre quotes today.

You can understand that he might be frustrated and feel that the criticism has been harsh. But you are managing Chelsea, you are always going to get criticism. Instead of snapping back at the fans all the time and creating a huge disconnection and divide with them, the ones you need on your side, why not just try letting the results do the talking and concentrate on getting your team above 9th position in the league? Also taking some accountability and understanding why there is criticism of you? That wouldn’t go a miss.

In words picked up by Vavel, Pochettino hit back at critics of his work at Chelsea this season.

‚ÄúPeople who understand a bit of football know what is going on here¬†and¬†they appreciate¬†our commitment and the way we behave¬†and¬†they¬†really believe and support the decisions we are taking. We are at the beginning of this journey¬†and¬†we have to¬†try and help and add our knowledge and experience to be more competitive.‚Ä̬†

“The fans sometimes get the image that is not real. Are fake. Maybe sometimes my words are taken or a photograph is taken of me looking sad but I am not a sad person. I laugh a lot, I smile. I am very positive. I am not acting. I try not to act. Sometimes people get the wrong idea.

‚ÄúIf you face me¬†on the¬†street¬†you will fall in love. Especially if I have my dog.‚ÄĚ

Absolute madness, total madness, he continues to bury a hole for himself.

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  1. Mauricio should leave Chelsea supporters out of this. He usually makes mistake in his line-up. How can a lazy defender be given a chance in a football match of high magnitude while keeping the good players on the bench? That’s the problem.

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