Pochettino says Chelsea fans like him when he’s with his dog in bizarre comments

In the embargoed quotes from Mauricio Pochettino’s pre-match press conference for the Tottenham game tonight, there has been a bizarre set of comments coming from the Chelsea manager yet again.

It’s not the first time that Pochettino has used a press conference to fire shots at the club’s own fan base, and he has gone on a bit of a rant about anyone criticising him and at Chelsea fans in his latest comments this week.

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If he is trying to get Chelsea fans on side, then he is going completely the wrong way about it. And these latest comments that suggest that Blues fans like him when they see him out with his dog, are just bizarre and kind of pointless.

The Blues boss insisted he is “not acting” and that he feels the love from the fans that he meets when walking his dog.

“If I follow social media, it’s one thing. When I walk every day with my dog, I feel the appreciation from the fans. When at another club, sometimes you walk on the streets you’ll get a ‘hey, you must do this’, but here, it’s the opposite. When I’m on the street, the people are really good, they’re really appreciative and they really give us the credit for working on a project and process that Is so difficult.” 

In what seemed a hit at Chelsea fans on social media, Pochettino divulged the difficulty he is trying to navigate Chelsea through.

“People who understand a bit of football know what is going on here and they appreciate our commitment and the way we behave and they really believe and support the decisions we are taking. We are at the beginning of this journey and we have to try and help and add our knowledge and experience to be more competitive.” 

“The fans sometimes get the image that is not real. Are fake. Maybe sometimes my words are taken or a photograph is taken of me looking sad but I am not a sad person. I laugh a lot, I smile. I am very positive. I am not acting. I try not to act. Sometimes people get the wrong idea.

“If you face me on the street you will fall in love. Especially if I have my dog.”

Quotes via Vavel.

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