“Potential offer” from Chelsea unlikely to reach €100m level needed to secure PSG star

Xavi Simons is having a brilliant season on loan from PSG to RB Leipzig, and speculation is mounting about his future.

On Caught Offside they had an exclusive report from Johnathan Johnson, Ligue 1 expert, who reported back on the options the young Dutchman will have this summer. He mentions Chelsea in the mix, although we have our reservations about how likely that is.

“I find it hard to see another loan for the Dutch midfielder, and certainly a full season loan at Leipzig or anywhere else. Given his success with Leipzig, I also don’t think a loan move to another club would make any sense, so I’d put his future between Paris and Leipzig,” Johnson wrote.

““It will be interesting to see if that’s what Enrique wants, but based on what he’s said publicly, he seems very keen on Simons’ profile. There’s been talk of potential offers from the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Barcelona, but I think it would have to depend on the offer, because I don’t really see PSG doing business unless there’s an offer that’s deemed too good to turn down.”

Xavi Simons playing for RB Leipzig.

Too many right wingers

The reality is that this deal seemed pretty unlikely even before the emerging news that we’re really keen on Estevao Willian from Palmeiras. Simons is just too highly regarded and too expensive to fit out model, and buying players from PSG is just not the modus operandi for us right now.

If we do indeed end up spending £60m or so on Estevao, we can consider this one truly dead. But until then, you can be sure our scouts are keeping a close eye on Simons, just in case everything falls through on the other fronts.

PSG want an offer that’s “too good to turn down,” and Chelsea just don’t seem like they’re in a position offer that right now. His TransferMarkt value is already €80m, so an offer like that would surely be €100m or more.

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