“Sack him!” – Jurgen Klopp makes clear attack on Chelsea’s owners in latest words

Jurgen Klopp has managed his final game for Liverpool but that has not stopped him taking the limelight still a couple of weeks later.

Klopp has left the Premier League as one of the best managers to grace it, and many Liverpool fans will tell you he IS the best!

Sources: BIG Summer Chelsea transfer updates on Sesko, Osimhen, Ferguson, Lukaku, Olise Abarabioyo, Kelly, & Badiashile!

But one thing Klopp has also been known for is being very outspoken and saying whatever is on his mind, and in this case, it seems Chelsea were on his mind!

The Guardian were reporting from ‘an evening with Jurgen Klopp’ farewell even this week, and the eccentric character was speaking about how much he enjoyed working under the Liverpool ownership, and compared that with working under the ownership of ‘guys who bought London clubs’ which is clearly Chelsea.

Why do we know it is Chelsea he is speaking about?

Because he has a dig about how the Chelsea owners have sacked so many managers during their reign.

Klopp said: “We should be really happy that we have these owners and not guys who bought London clubs and other stuff. I wouldn’t have survived a year at Liverpool (with them in charge). ‘Great development but not good enough, sack him!’ A year later: ‘Sack him’.”  

“Then finally they play football where people think they might be back and they sack the manager anyway. People always think the grass is greener but we have owners who really feel responsible for the club and work really hard as well to be successful. I felt supported. We did it as good as we could have done and I’m fine with it.”

I guess Mr. Klopp is still feeling a bit salty that the Chelsea owners came in and signed Moises Caicedo AND Romeo Lavia ahead of Liverpool, who wanted both players as well!

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  1. Chelsea owners and directors are clueless. How they can sigh a manager with no premier league experience, who was sacked by Parma after 15 games, and who many Leicester supporters have labelled his style of play as often being boring, with far too many passes and slow build-up play. As a Chelsea supporter I see this as a disaster waiting to happen. At least with de Zerbi you get attacking excitingnfootball. But they wanted a YES man and we all know de Zerbi wanted a say in transfers. They are fools.

    1. It is always a good thing to be patient. People don’t buy clubs; they inherit them. When you come to a club like Chelsea, you must spend time studying it to know why it has a successful history. If you desire a change, it must be gradual as you preserve the valency of the club. What the Americans did was a mistake and they will make more mistakes trying to correct the original mistake.

      1. The new owners inherited a mess left by an ownership that had sacked more than its fair share of managers, lol! The squad was bloated with ill-fitting, overpaid parts bought for at least five different managers. They were never likely to win more trophies after Tuchel stumbled into winning the UCL (against a better City side). The fact is we hadn’t really competed for a league title in years (go back and look the tables!) as City and Liverpool had long ago outclassed us with their commitment to ONE manager and his vision for the club. So, yeah people do “inherit” clubs and this one needed a thorough house cleaning.

        As for the latest change in manager, I’d recommend watching “The Real Reason Pochettino Decided to QUIT Chelsea” put out by FourFourTwo on YouTube. It’s first-rate analysis and shows that, despite his late season success and the growth and improved consistency we saw in the squad, Poch never really established a brand of football that fit our personnel. We played out of the back with lots of possession, but were generally poor at creating chances from the build-up. We pressed high and relatively effectively, but also converted very few goals from all our efforts. And it wasn’t until the final few weeks (against relatively poorer competition) that, with Enzo out and Cucurella pushed into the midfield, we started to see anything approaching a style or identity beginning to emerge. So, although I was initially very skeptical of the change in a manger I think it is almost certainly for the better.

        The owners have assembled an extremely talented young core to this team. All we really need is to keep them healthy and have a manager who helps bring an identity and a consistency to the way we play. I like what I’ve seen of Maresca’s tactical approach with Leicester and think it could work really well for this squad if he can create buy-in from day one.

  2. I’m a big chelsea fan , klopp is right , Pochetino was building something special at Chelsea, he was familiarising himself with the squad , not easy when your thrown in at the deep end and told theirs your player’s now get on with it. With the results and the free flowing style of play he was forging a positive relationship with the players and just as importantly the fans . This crowd we have as owners no nothing about our wonderful game . They have managed to set Chelsea back another 2 seasons.

  3. It’s true but Mauricio pochetino’ team was not consistence. They could win where you don’t expect and lose what we could think it’s winnable. And sometimes changing the team unnecessary.

  4. I Think Chelsea owners suffer from what is called the Dunning-Kruger effect, a kind of cognitive bias where people with little expertise or ability assume they have superior expertise or ability. This overestimation occurs as a result of them not having enough knowledge to know they do not have enough knowledge.

    By the way has anyone ever heard of Paul Winstanley and the other faceless individual ??.

    Joe Mears must be turning in his grave!

  5. You know Klopp is telling the truth.Dont mislead the vulnerable.It is not a secret that the new Chelsea owners are recklessly trigger happy.Besides,, Liverpool had a far better season without Caicedo and Lavia and that rules out Chelsea’s snatching the two players being the reason for Klopp’s criticism

  6. So strange to hear about our Chelsea new coach Maresca , I pray that he’s coming to do a good job A-Z also put some people wrong.
    Hope and pray for the best.
    I believe in Boely the big boss and I know he knows what he’s doing, Poch started picking up the pieces he left behind but unfortunately he wasn’t the guy anymore for our Chelsea.
    I pray as Chelsea fan for our club to be in perfect form for the upcoming Premier League season 2024/25 under Maresca.

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