Source claims spiky manager is “on the list” for Chelsea – but it would be a match made in hell

The rumours about Mauricio Pochettino leaving Chelsea won’t go anywhere, and despite a good win against Spurs this week there’s more speculation about who might replace him should he leave this summer.

Brighton coach Roberto De Zerbi’s name has been brought up again, this time with Sami Mokbel of the Daily Mail claiming that there’s serious interest from the Blues in the Italian.

“I think there would be legs to De Zerbi. I think they like the way he plays. I think they like the way his teams play,” Mokbel said in quotes picked up by the Chelsea Chronicle.

I think there’s a decent chance that he would leave Brighton if the right opportunity arose. I don’t think that’s a secret. I think he would be on the list if Chelsea do decide to part with Pochettino this summer.”

A match made in hell

We agree De Zerbi would be “on the list” were Pochettino to leave, but we struggle to imagine him getting much further than that. In letting go of Thomas Tuchel and bringing in Graham Potter (and subsequently Mauricio Pochettino) the ownership have shown the type of manager they want – someone pliable who’s not going to cause trouble.

De Zerbi is not that type. In fact, he’s more like the opposite. He’s managing to make a fuss at Brighton, and after less than two seasons seems to have worn out both the players and the ownership. At this stage, they seem like they’d be pretty relieved to be rid of him.

If he can’t stay in their good books, where he’s the biggest show in town, moving to Chelsea seems like a disaster in the making. Even if he was getting far better results than he is, we can’t imagine our owners liking the idea of a spiky maverick at the helm. That’s just a big compensation package waiting to happen.

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  1. Why don’t you fuck off . He has already said that no club could take him away . You don’t like the fact that he is putting brighton before your shitty club . Do you think he would come to you after watching what happened to GP .

    1. Tell our owners to f**k off because Chelsea fans don’t want anymore to do with that crook Tony Bloom & let’s get it right you seagull merchant our shitty club has won 2 champions league ⭐️⭐️whilst your club won nothing & Brighton only known for the Gay Mardi Gra so jog on or whatever you do in Brighton you weirdo UTC UTM

  2. This current team should be maintained. The players have started knowing each other under Poch. I think Pochettino should stay next season Chelsea will step up and do better. Chalobah, Cucurella,Mudryk, Madueke should all stay .

  3. Hi Tod .!! How much money do you have ?
    There’s many coach who have honour and thropy they got!

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