Source says Chelsea now want a ‘puppet’ as their next manager after Pochettino departs

One source has said that Chelsea now want to replace Mauricio Pochettino with a ‘puppet’ after a mutual agreement was come to for his departure yesterday.

It all started happening mid-evening last night in the UK, with the breaking news coming out that Chelsea and Pochettino had parted ways after a meeting in the morning.

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We all felt it coming throughout the day, and suggestions were made that the two would not be continuing together.

A lot has been said and written since the news, with many outlets providing their version of events and different reasoning for the breakdown.

Everyone is going to have their opinion, and one source speaking to The Daily Mail certainly has their strong one!

Basically, they don’t want someone who is going to try and interfere with transfers and make demands for who they want to sign and who they want to keep in their squad. Because I mean why would any manager want to have a say over who he has in his squad, right? (please note the sarcasm there).

The Mail’s report says that Insiders have claimed the Chelsea hierarchy want a ‘head coach’ who will focus on improving the players provided to him, as opposed to a ‘manager’ who will butt into other sides of the business. One source who disagreed with Pochettino’s departure on Tuesday night described that as a ‘puppet’.



It’s not a good look at all for the Chelsea owners who appear to be putting all their faith in two sporting directors who have never actually built a squad before.

It very much seems like they do want a ‘yes man’ who can come in and not question anything, whether that means they are selling a player they pick every single game and rely on the most – Conor Gallagher.


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  1. It’s obvious there are already enough cooks in this kitchen—between the “co-“ sporting directors and the “co-“ owners. Until or unless there is a change to streamline the decision-making at the top (where there are signs that not even Boehly and Eghbali are on the same page) then there really isn’t room to have a manager expecting to chime in as well (as reasonable as that might otherwise seem).

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