“That’s not easy!” – Matt Law explains why Chelsea’s new coach has a problem before they start

Matt Law was on the London is Blue podcast this week speaking about what comes next after Mauricio Pochettino’s sacking.

He noted that the new candidate, whoever they are, is facing a longer and longer list of requirements. The job is getting harder, not easier. Pochettino was sacked because he didn’t complete the checklist of objectives, and now the list is just getting longer.

Going by the list of reasons the Argentine was sacked in the many briefs released to journalists, as well as the list of things the owners are looking for in a new coach, the impossible job just got more difficult.

“Whoever comes in is immediately going to be under pressure from the environment at Chelsea now,” Law explained.

“Pochettino finished 6th, so whoever comes in will have to finish better than 6th… plus you’ve got to now juggle a European campaign of some sort… and you’ve got to do it with a certain style, the club have made that clear from their brief of the manager they want. They want ‘controlled football’, they don’t want to be conceding loads of goals. They want possession. [Doing all of that at once] is not easy!”

You can see him speaking on this issue after 25 minutes here:

An impossible job just got harder

He’s absolutely right: it was tricky enough for Mauricio Pochettino this season. He managed one element of it, getting into Europe (just). But clearly he failed in the other areas – he didn’t get the team playing with enough “control”, and he didn’t work with the players he was given without complaint.

And that’s a very experienced Premier League manager you’re talking about.

The next guy is going to have all of the same expectations and difficulties, with even more added on! And not only that, he’s going to have to do it while playing in Europe too.

It feels like they’re being set up for failure.

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  1. Whoever is the manager is ? He needs a respect coming from Chelsea FC player’s and he has the control to characters of each individual to restrain conflict inside dressing room and on the pitch . And he needs to have a credible tactic that the team likes and good environment from training to actual games and outside of the game’s . Why Chelsea FC not look on John Terry and Ashley cole tandem . They tried Frank lampard why not Terry and Ashley tandem . Whoever they will appoint they should place Terry and Ashley as their assistant coach . Hope they get the right manager to manage this team and makes them successful and become champion again and again and again . God bless Chelsea FC forever.

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