The importance of a fair and honest review of Pochettino’s time at Chelsea

There is a tendency to be impatient in today’s world where instant gratification is the order of the day. If something isn’t producing the desired results, the temptation is to immediately move on and find something that does. 

A history of impatience 

There is no better example of this trend of continuously searching for greener pastures than the world of professional football and, dare we say it, there isn’t a boardroom in the world where patience is in such short supply as the one at Stamford Bridge.

If you ever needed any proof of this, remember that it wasn’t long ago that cult hero Frank Lampard called for the club to avoid making knee-jerk reactions, as reported here in the

Essentially, the club’s trigger-happy reputation is why Mauricio Pochettino’s job is still not safe for next season despite a year left to run on the Argentine’s deal. Discussions over the 52-year-old’s future will be held in the summer with Pochettino invited to take part in the appraisal of his first season when he meets with the club’s board and owners. 

Before the turn of the year, this might have been a meeting that Pochettino feared.

However, a dramatic upturn in results has given the Argentine enough proof to present to the board to help persuade them to believe in what he is doing.

The reality is that no one knows what the powers that be at Stamford Bridge are thinking, but if they were serious about conducting a thorough and honest review of the goings-on at Chelsea during this campaign, Pochettino would have little to worry about. 

The importance of a comprehensive review 

Life experience will tell you that when you have all the relevant information at hand, you’re likely to make a far more informed decision. This is why we now live in a world where there is very little excuse for making the wrong decision out of ignorance or impatience.

Just look around and you’ll find this to be true. At least, if you want more information on a certain hotel before booking, you can sample the reviews on Tripadvisor.

Likewise, if you want to know how reliable a certain car is before buying, you can easily head over to Autocar.

Similarly, if you wanted the best online casino bonus, you would trust a gambling bonus review service to provide the answers. However you go about making up your mind, the wider point is that the answers are there if you take the time to look for them.

In Pochettino’s case, you simply have to look at the form guide to see an unmistakable trend.

Poch has Chelsea punching 

Revealingly, only three clubs, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal have won more points than the Blues since Boxing Day. 

Furthermore, as of early December, Chelsea have taken 28 points from an available 33 at Stamford Bridge. While the club’s away form has caused justified consternation, Pochettino hasn’t had the luxury of a fit squad to help turn the tide on the road.

At the height of Chelsea’s injury crisis documented here by the, the Blues had 14 first-team players on the treatment table. Those numbers have eased off recently and it was no coincidence that Chelsea earned their first away win since February 12th when they overcame Nottingham Forest.

Pochettino was able to turn to his bench and the introduction of long-term absentee Reece James, as well as Raheem Sterling, helped complete the come-from-behind win on the banks of the Trent. 

A long time coming? 

While there were euphoric celebrations at the City Ground, Pochettino always said this type of fighting performance would happen when his squad was fully fit. It appears that the Argentine was right.

Now, we wait to see if Chelsea’s hierarchy agree. Yes, it might have been an underwhelming start but Pochettino has Chelsea competing with the league’s pacesetters; letting him go now would be giving up the chance of a title charge next season.

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