“The info I am receiving” – Journalist reports whether Pochettino will still be sacked

The question on everyone’s lips right now is whether Mauricio Pochettino will last out in his role as Chelsea head coach, or whether the club are going to pull the plug on him at the end of this season.

It’s been reported today that the players think that Pochettino has ‘underwhelming training methods’ but many of them trust him and like him.

Sources: Chelsea’s list of Thiago Silva replacements revealed! 👀

So it sounds like a bit of a mixed bag really, and that can also be words to describe the season on a whole so far. But Pochettino and his players have a great chance now to end the season strong and even qualify for the Europa League – something that would have been unimaginable just weeks back.

Many Chelsea fans seem more content with Pochettino lately, but you do feel that the overall underlying position by Blues fans on the whole is that they wouldn’t be upset at all if Pochettino was sacked at the end of this season.

But will he be?

This is what journalist Ben Jacobs has been speaking about, amongst other things, in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea FC column for SPTC today.

Jacobs has a deep dive of updates on inside Chelsea right now in the article, but there is a section where he hones in on Pochettino.

He says: “The info I am receiving has been pretty consistent, but I’ll repeat it nonetheless: Pochettino will be assessed this summer and there remains a strong chance he stays.

“Obviously the last few games are going to be factored in, but so is Chelsea’s long injury list, and the fact Pochettino is working with such a young squad. Most importantly, Pochettino hasn’t lost the dressing room. ”

So it sounds like Chelsea might try and stick with Pochettino, but personally I still have a feeling they might pull the plug regardless.

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