Chelsea have sounded out reps of two managers as Mauricio Pochettino replacements

Chelsea have reportedly sounded out the reps of two managers to come in and replace Mauricio Pochettino this summer, should they make a decision to pull the plug on him.

It appears though that as I type this, nothing has yet been decided, but there are meetings due to take place early this week and they might even be going on as I write.

Sources: Managerial merry-go-round that is likely to effect Chelsea this summer!

We are now even hearing a report from The Evening Standard suggesting that Chelsea have made contact with the representatives of two new managers as possible replacements.

They claim that Ruben Amorim and Kieran McKenna are both ‘waiting in the wings’ in case Chelsea opt to make a managerial change this week.

Chelsea’s owners have kept tabs on managers they admire ever since buying the club in 2022 and are thought to have sounded out representatives of both Sporting CP’s Amorim and Ipswich manager McKenna in recent weeks.

Amorim is a manager that has been linked with Chelsea quite a lot, and the report goes on to say that they seriously looked at him when they opted to appoint Graham Potter, and again when they went with Mauricio Pochettino.

Inexperienced managers carry big risks


Whilst I think Pochettino should go, my reluctance to make a change surrounds the lack of good options available to come in and the ones we are linked with, carrying too much risk.

Amorim appeals to me, but has many risks. And Mckenna is just not experienced enough to take on such a big role as Chelsea, it would just be daft in my opinion to make such a hire.

Whatever happens and whatever Chelsea decide to do though, I think they need to make a decisions as quick as possible and communicate it with a direct line to supporters, because there has been so much written and reported about this situation it’s just crazy.


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