The one Chelsea player with most to lose after stunning coaching change ruins his progress

Ben Jacobs’ latest insider column for CaughtOffside has revealed that there are players Chelsea’s dressing room who are “disappointed” about the surprising news that Mauricio Pochettino would be leaving, to be replaced by inexperienced former Leicester coach Enzo Maresca.

We can understand why – it’s a 4th permanent coach in little over 2 years for some of them, who will be worried by the lack of stability and seeming lack of a plan despite all the briefings from the top of the club about the grand project we’re all supposed to be embarking on.

But there are also likely to be players who are individually disappointed given their relationship with Mauricio Pochettino. Of course Conor Gallagher and Trevoh Chalobah will once again fear for their future after having proved without doubt to Pochettino that they indispensable. Their sale looks far more likely now he’s gone.

Noni Madueke and Mauricio Pochettino embrace.

The player with most to lose

But most of all it’s hard to look beyond Noni Madueke as someone who will be gutted by this quite sudden change of direction.

After being benched through the early stages of this season, there was nobody who looked like more of a “project player” for Pochettino than Madueke. He gradually earned the coach’s trust, and repaid him with ever-improving performances. He was an undisputed started by the close of the campaign.

The two shared multiple moments on the pitch in celebrations which made it clear that the young winger had been taken under the coach’s wing, and Madueke will not worry all that work will be wasted as he starts at square one with a new boss in charge.

That will only be compounded further should Chelsea sign another player in his position. Let’s hope this concern lights a fire under the former PSV man, and that Enzo Maresca can pick up with Pochettino left off in terms of moulding him into a star.

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  1. Sorry, but what am I missing??? What actual evidence has SuperFrank offered that Madueke won’t be a player to Maresca’s liking? I don’t see a SINGLE POINT, lol! He’s written yet another piece bemoaning the change of manager without even a shred of actual analysis on Madueke’s game. Read the piece once, twice,…a third time and you’ll see him leaping to the conclusion that Madueke will be hurt by Maresca’s arrival without offering even a shred of evidence!

    End the propaganda, SuperFrank. Do some actual work—analyze Maresca’s management style and write something with insight and value. Stop venting your spleen and stirring up discontent base on…nothing.

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