The two Chelsea players suddenly at risk as major deadline and new coach combine to threaten their future

It’s almost exactly a week ago that the announcement came out that Mauricio Pochettino was being sacked by Chelsea, and since then that story has naturally dominated the headlines.

The fallout from his sacking, the reasons behind it and the chase for his successors have dominated the Chelsea news ever since. But there are other plotlines bubbling in the background which are set to resurface with a vengeance once Enzo Maresca is installed as his successor – any day now according to reports.

One that has a pressing time element is that of the 30th June Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) deadline. Any deals done before that count towards this season, any done after towards next. So if Chelsea are worried about their losses from last summer, they will need to squeeze in some sales ASAP.

Conor Gallagher and Trevoh Chalobah celebrate goal.

New coach and old issues tied together

All of this ties together in the form of two players – Trevoh Chaloah and Conor Gallagher. According to everyone in the know, Chelsea’s plan has been to sell this pair of home grown stars to balance the books. Ideally, that would happen before June 30th.

That concept became increasingly difficult through the season as they became key players for Pochettino, and some of the exclusives after his sacking revealed that a factor in it was his disagreement with the sporting directors that these two regular first team starters for the Argentine should be sold off.

Now there’s a new man in place – a new Yes Man by the looks of things, and we will not be questioning anything that the men who picked him do, especially not at first and especially things which have already been planned for.

So those two – whose fate had seemed more uncertain as they earned their old coach’s trust – are now looking closer than ever to the door as the deadline closes in.

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  1. SuperFrank, you’re blinded by your affection for “homegrown” players. Gallagher is just not technical enough to play in a “Pep”-style side. Chalobah? ….maybe. But you keep writing these pieces trying to stir up resentment toward the owners without honestly confronting the strengths and weaknesses of the players in question.

    Nobody questions their heart or the importance they played in getting us into Europe this year, but that’s really beside the point with a new manager coming in. And labeling him a “yes man” is also beside the point. It all comes down to which players will be best suited to Maresca’s style, and the blatant sentimentality with which you keep writing these pieces (always stirring the pot against the foreign ownership) really has no place in the discussion. Make a case that Conor Gallagher could start at City or Arsenal (where they play the style Maresca is likely to employ) and then it might be fair to impugn a potential sale. But, instead, all you offer is sentimentality and their exploits under a different manager and in a different system. This isn’t reasoned argument or piercing football analysis—it’s tired, manipulative propaganda.

    1. You’re more blinded
      Do you think Chelsea signing maresca and selling callagher and chalobah will help them
      So far callagher has played under different coaches and played well, so if he doesn’t do well under maresca that means the man doesn’t know how to use his players and therefore he’s not a suitable replacement for potch

  2. Why is Chelsea going for a relegation club coach who only managed to qualify for premier League due to how he started the season
    And selling callagher and chalobah would be a big mistake for chelsea

  3. Again this is what happens when you have people with little knowledge or ability thinking they have superior knowledge or ability. This overestimation occurs as they do not have enough knowledge to know they do not have enough knowledge.

    Think of anyone at Chelsea who fits this bill???

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