“They don’t need to make sales” – Massive Ornstein claim about Chelsea’s transfers changes everything

David Ornstein is as reliable as sources come, and his regular appearances on NBC Sports are becoming a good platform for him to drop snippets about Chelsea.

Last week he was there speaking about Mauricio Pochettino, revealing that the Europa League and not the Conference League was the coach’s stated aim.

This week it’s about Chelsea’s finances, and it’s massive news if it’s true:

“They do not need to make sales is my understanding to comply for [PSR and FFP] 2023-24,” he said on the American TV network.

“The cutoff [for 2023-24] is June the 30th. They will need to make sales to comply for 2024-25. The cutoff [for 2024-2025], is obviously the end of the transfer window in August and then January.”

That was in response to a question about whether the Blues would need to sell before the buy, and seems to pretty clearly deny that.

Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali watch Chelsea.

A huge boost – if we can trust it

Clearly, if this is true, this is brilliant news for Chelsea for many reasons. It allows us to buy players, and removes the need to sell the players we’d really rather keep.

It’s important to note that Ornstein isn’t saying we don’t need to sell, just that we’re in the clear for this season just gone. It buys us time to try to get back into the Champions League next season to boost our revenue and potentially remove the need for major sales at all.

We have no reason to doubt Ornstein’s sources here, although equally we have not much reason to doubt the many reliable journalists who have said the opposite to him over these last few months.

All this shows is that nobody outside the club really knows the full situation, and as always we will just have to wait and see. We’re certainly not going to get an announcement from the ownership about it.

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