“They’ve made mistakes” but Chelsea on track to run Arsenal and Man City closer next year claims pundit

Martin Keown and Simon Jordan were involved in a verbal joust on TalkSport today as they debated Chelsea’s season.

Jordan has been very pro-ownership and he took the chance here to claim he’s been vindicated. He pointed to a 6th place finish and said it represented an improvement and the first step towards a brighter future. Keown disagreed.

“Of course they’ve made mistakes,” he admitted, while still maintaining that the club were going to give top two Arsenal and Man City a “much better run for their money” next season.

Well, we guess we’ll see you all back here in a year’s time and find out? We’re sure that we will end up with a higher points total than this year, but that’s not really the question. The question is whether the resources they’ve used up have been used efficiently, and even if we finish 3rd next year, the answer to that question can still be “no.”

You can see them debating in the clip embedded here:

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