“To clarify…” – Mauricio Pochettino puts out fires about his future after explosive presser comments

Things were very tense just yesterday in the press conference ahead of today’s win over Nottingham Forest. Following on from dark hints in other pressers, Mauricio Pochettino cast doubts over his future at Chelsea.

But speaking to the cameras after today’s win he was in a much brighter mood, and instead happily spoke about next season. Referring to the presser yesterday, he insisted he was just being open and honest and hadn’t meant to imply as much as was being read into it.

“I had an honest conversation in the press conference. To clarify, if the owner is happy with my job, we can continue. I am always a coach who is thinking long term. I still have one more year in my contract and I am thinking to be here, ” the coach said.

Clearly his comments were aimed to put pressure on those above him, timed nicely for when he was finally getting some results and some performances from his expensively assembled squad.

Mauricio Pochettino and his staff on the bench.

A détente at last

It seems obvious to us that since that interview, Mauricio Pochettino has had conversations with those above him, who have given him the assurances about his future he was looking for. He seems happier and more relaxed, and is openly speaking about his future in a way that was distinctly lacking in the last few weeks.

A win and a comeback today meant a lot – it keeps the positive bubble building, and puts us a step closer to Europe. There is not going to be any push to sack him if we get into continental competition, nor does it seem like Pochettino will be pushing to leave.

Let’s hope these comments remove the lingering uncertainty and bring another wave of positivity that can help us pick up two more wins.

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