“Top of Chelsea’s list” – Exceptional candidate ready to come to Blues; but club delaying vital decision

Portuguese journalist Pedro Sepulveda has returned with more news about the future of Sporting Club de Portugal manager Ruben Amorim.

The coach has insisted “I have a contract” and said he will continue as coach there. But speculation is mounting that he could leave this summer, having won his second league title in three years. Sepulveda claims Amorim is “top of Chelsea’s list” if Mauricio Pochettino leaves – something which is still uncertain.

Amorim was heavy favourite for the Liverpool job, but that has now fallen through. He would likely jump at the chance to join Chelsea – but before that we have to decide if we’re keeping Pochettino or not. That situation threatens to boil over at any moment, and it’s been badly handled by those upstairs, who are seemingly keeping him in the dark.

Tension rising in final games

Last night’s game only served to confuse Pochettino’s future further. It should have been a glorious decisive win for the coach against his old club, sealing another step closer to the success he needs to make sure he’s in the job next season.

Instead his awkward full time interview on the pitch, and his subsequent comments in the press conference, reveal a man who is frustrated about the speculation over his future, and remains in the dark over what may happen.

This is the downside of giving coaches short deals, and those upstairs need to take decisive action quickly. The plan may have been to judge him at the end of the season, but if that sword of Damocles is hanging over everyone until then, it could negatively affect these final results in itself.

As for Amorim – he’s a tempting option, but do we really want more disruption? Just as things seem to be improving, we’re hurting our own chances of success with this confusion.

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