(Video): Chelsea fans taunt Tottenham with undeniable truth about their club

It’s been a long, hard season for Chelsea fans. They’ve had to endure dog’s abuse from fans up and down the county, with not much to say in reply. Their team has put in some dismal performances, and frustrations have reached boiling point at times.

But…. there’s always Tottenham to make you feel better. We did huge damage to their “title challenge” when we beat them back in November, and tonight has the feeling of a game where we might have seriously hurt their race for the Champions League too.

The fans at Stamford Bridge were loving it, and they finally got their chance to stick the boot in on an opposition team. “Champions of Europe, you’ll never sing that!”

It’s one thing nobody can take away from us, no matter how long this bad period lasts.

You can see and hear all the fun in the clip embedded here:

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