(Video): Chelsea icon retires – with important message that fans should take very seriously

Brian Pullman, an utterly legendary member of Chelsea’s behind the scenes media team at Cobham who has been at the club since 1968 and has seen more than 30 managers come and go, is retiring at the end of this season, and the club (with the help of the media) organised a lovely send off with a mocked up front page of the Sun.

He came up to take a photo with Mauricio Pochettino, and it was very notable that he said that Pullman said he was “leaving the club in good hands.”

He’s seen so many managers, from the best to the worst, and he really seemed to mean this. Pochettino is a warm and lovable character, and clearly is connecting with pillars of the club like Brian behind the scenes.

You can see the touching moment in the clip embedded here:

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