(Video): Chelsea lead after incredible lob from Moises Caicedo in his own half

Chelsea are ending the season with a bang, this might be the best goal we’ve scored all year, and we’ve saved it for the final day!

It was Moises Caicedo who took advantage of Bournemouth keeper Neto being far out of his goal. The Ecuador star hit a clear strike from almost his own half.

Don’t underrate how hard that is to do. You’ve got to hit the ball hard enough to make the half the length of the pitch, while keeping it dead straight and hitting it first time.

Not only that, you’ve got to make the decision instantly. What lovely tekkers, and a great way for Caicedo to cap off his recently improved form. You need confidence to take a strike like that on, and Caicedo wasn’t lacking it.

You can see the goal in the clip embedded here:

[Footage from Sky Sports]

[Footage from NBC Sport]


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