(Video): Chelsea starlet’s two first half moments that lit up continental game

Independiente del Valle beat Liverpool (not that one) 2-1 in the Copa Libertadores group stage last night.

Chelsea loanee Kendy Paez was on display with his usual classy touches, lighting up the game despite his tender years once again. One touch was particularly sublime.

You can see the magic touch in the clip embedded here:

The assist he got is here:

[Footage from TelSport]

This is going to be such a fun year of watching Paez on loan. Partly thanks to his influence and talent, Independiente look like like a solid team in South America and they’re going to have continental action as well as domestic to enjoy watching Kendry – and generating more minutes for him to play.

We’re going to have magic moments like this popping up on our timeline late at night for the next 12 months – at which point he will finally come to join the first team.

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  1. Paez should not be loan up . He should given chance to play straight to first team . Santos too . Angelo too . Don’t waste their talents and poach by other team and that is the regret of Chelsea FC . This new manager should have bold to play this young players they are quality and skills players to play for this team. They need to acclimatise to premier at their early yrs . Castlesdine is other young English player should be on the first team now replacement doe mount .

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