(Video): New footage shows Chelsea players all reacted to VAR decision in the same way

Chelsea have released their “Matchday Unseen” from the big win over West Ham on Saturday. It’s a fun watch.

It’s great to just watch all the goals fly in again and get a sense of what the mood was like on the pitch.

These camera angles always capture some interesting new things, and in this case we particularly liked how the whole team reacted to the VAR call when the referees finally gave Nicolas Jackson’s second goal the green light.

They were all lined up to continue the game, but the moment the goal was given everyone rushed up to celebrate with him.

They didn’t need to do that, but they clearly wanted to amplify the growing good vibes even more. Any idea of dressing room disputes were clearly put to bed by this and the way Noni Madueke had squared it to him.

You can see all the action in the clip embedded here:

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