(Video): “No!” – Chelsea not ready to compete next season claims former player

Frank Leboeuf has been consistently negative about this Chelsea ownership since they arrived, and so far he’s been consistently right. While most other pundits were getting hyped about our new signings, the former Blues defender had reservations about the project that was underway, and thus far has been spot on.

When asked by ESPN today whether he thought the Blues would be ready to “compete” next season, his answer was clear – “no!”

He’s not being negative or controversial, just cautious. It’s interesting to see him talk through his logic. Who are we to disagree? After two years of pain, we’re not ready to get our hopes up after just a couple of good games either. He’s happy to admit things are getting better, but “competing” will require more time and more patience.

You can see him give his take in the clip embedded here, with this question coming after 5 minutes:

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