(Video): “Not worthy of Chelsea” – Thiago Silva harsh departing message to young players

Thiago Silva has just done a really touching interview with Sky Sports to mark his departure from Chelsea.

As we know, Silva is an incredibly emotional guy, and here he is welling up with tears while simultaneously delivering a very harsh truth.

He says that his “message” to the young guys taking over the Chelsea team now is that they have to know what it takes to play for this club.

“Because the season we are having is not worth of Chelsea. It’s not,” he explained.

He told them that they “have to do more next year,” to build the club back to where it needs to be.

We hope they’re listening, and we hope to have many more players in the future who take playing for us as seriously as he does.

You can see Silva speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. He will be miss . His message is true , its up to young players now to build their status and of course Chelsea FC is champion team that is has to be . Hope next season and next season and season should be champion . God bless thiago Silva and his family and Chelsea FC too .

  2. True Chelsea through and through. I don’t see any of such calibre in the team now. It hurts to see so many causal players at Chelsea now. No proper chels anymore.

  3. True as said, thanks to all chelsea players, and to the fans fos standing with the team all along.

  4. My utter Respect to this player ..A Big Thank you To you and your family .
    Every body needs a Hero to look up to …yep …its you Thiago Silva….
    Another Legend will leave us …but this is not over …there is more to this story …A Happy ending is coming…

  5. What a guy, I don’t know what we will do without the anchor man, his passion for the club,

  6. Thiago Silva a prayer with much respect l really love him very humble man l hope the Chelsea management should give him a position job in the team he loves the team very much and at the same time he can help the manager for the job to be easy for them good luck to Thiago may God bless him and the family we the love you

  7. Much love Thiago Silva
    I’m super excited for all you have done for us
    Throughout the years you have been with us
    I pray for God protection and guidance to you and your family more knowledge for you so that you will carryout your plans in near feature Amen. We will really really miss you

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