“Wanted to leave” – Chelsea flop gives honest assessment on why he recently left

Chelsea have had many flops come and go over time, and there was one flop who was a big mistake signing under the new and current ownership – well, more than one actually.

But for the point of this story, we will just be focusing on the one mentioned, striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

Sources: Chelsea’s list of Thiago Silva replacements revealed! 👀

The former Arsenal and Dortmund front man was signed by Chelsea’s new ownership group on the request of the manager at the time, Thomas Tuchel.

Many thought it would be a smart signing, but Aubameyang absolutely flopped at Chelsea and it proved to be a big mistake. He couldn’t perform, score, or do anything good and in the end, it all just became rather toxic for him at Chelsea and he wanted out from mid-season.

The striker has spoken out on this situation now and has given an honest assessment, admitting he wanted to leave the club from December.

As cited on L’Equipe, Aubameyang explains: “I understood from December, that the season was over, I already wanted to leave, but you can’t play for more than three clubs. I asked myself: is this what it means to be old? And I answered: It’s you who decides. Either you decide to follow this path and say to yourself maybe it’s old age. Or you say, no, that’s bullsh*t, I still have things to do. I was disappointed and jaded, I got a little… ‘lost,’ that’s a big word, but I let myself go.”

The now 34-year-old has since proven that he does still have it, scoring 27 goals across 46 games in all competitions for Marseille.

It just goes to show the effect and pressure of playing for a big side like Chelsea, especially being asked to lead the line. Many try and fail, and Aubameyang was absolutely one of them.

Scoring for fun again now though!

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  1. Chelsea as a club are the flop/ They have flopped since the new ownership took over. Just look at the current premier league table. Aubameyang scored goals for fun at Arsenal and Barcelona, why did he suddenly struggle at Chelsea? And as soon as he left Chelsea for OM, he started scoring for fun again.

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